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Proven Strategies for Designing Events That Drive Revenue
Join more than 1,000 innovative brands who are using Bankable Events strategies to start, build and grow their own highly-profitable, brand boosting events!
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Why Bankable Events?

What is the Difference between Traditional Event Planning And The Bankable Events System?

Bankable Events is an online community & customized framework for innovative & successful brands.

Bankable Events was created to give brands of every size the knowledge and tools required to create communities that convert by leveraging the power of live events.

Here’s How it Works

We help you customize an event model which best suits your business goals / objectives

We provide you with strategies and systems proven to drive revenue AND create an unsurpassed client experience

We meet with you to identify the goals for your event

You follow the action plan

We'll check in with you to keep you on track

You get personalized support. Our team is here to make sure you succeed!

Workshops | Retreats | Conferences | Team Building 

Curious About How Bankable Events Can Help Your Business?

Let us know which best describes you, and we’ll partner with you to create customized strategies to host an event to help you convert leads into paying customers.

Which of these best describes you?


  • Never Hosted Event

  • My Event Wasn’t Profitable

  • Need Speakers

  • Need Sales & Marketing

  • Need Event Planning

  • Need Motivation

  • Need Tools & Training

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Meet Anza, Business Consultant,
Event Designer & Strategist
Headshot Anza Goodbar

Bankable Events is an event advisory and management firm with a primary focus on designing maximum conversion events – face-to-face events that get your audience pumped up and generate profits.  We work with successful brands and entrepreneurs who realize that the tactics which got them here today may not get them where they want to be tomorrow.  Our clients understand that investing in their brand and leveraging the power of real-life events has a positive impact on their business by building stronger communities within their audience, fostering trust among their core followers, and realizing additional revenue streams.


At Bankable Events, we realize that a one-size-fits-all approach is rarely a winning strategy.  Instead, we offer many levels of engagement to best suit your goals and support your operational needs.


EVENTS CONVERT ACADEMY Educational platform 

Designed for the self-starter or budget conscious business owner who needs to build addition streams of income and wants to use live events as part of their business growth strategies.  We offer FREE Masterclasses twice monthly as well as paid digital and group coaching programs to help you grow your business by incorporating live events into your business growth model.



We offer a full range of event consulting services.  Whether this is your first event and you want in-depth directions to make it a success, or you have an existing event running and you need help integrating strategies to make it profitable; we have you covered.  We work with you to examine conversion strategies and develop a custom event plan that works best for your goals.



A maximum conversion event is a living, breathing animal.  Maybe time is precious or maybe you don’t currently have the staff to plan/market/run your event.  We have the team in place to manage the entire life cycle of your event, or support you in the areas you need most.

Bankable Events is led by its founder and CEO, Anza Goodbar. With over 20 years of experience in the event and online business industries, Anza is a skilled business consultant and event strategist. She has a proven track record of designing and fine-tuning highly successful conversion strategies for corporate events, conventions, and conferences, making her a seasoned executive in the industry.

Anza's expertise has been sought out by high-profile brands such as New York Life, NBC, Pfizer, Big XII Conference, Arrow Electronics, Morgan Stanley, and more. Her knowledge and experience in the industry have enabled her to successfully design and execute over 4,000 events ranging from intimate workshops and retreats to large-scale conferences and stadium events hosting 10 - 15K attendees.

As a business consultant, Anza has helped her clients to generate revenue, increase the value for event participants, and build brand loyalty. Her hands-on experience in planning and executing profitable events has made her an industry expert, and her leadership of Bankable Events has provided businesses with the expertise necessary to monetize their live events successfully.

What Clients Say

"Once again, I'd like to thank you for your wonderful assistance in planning our conference. You exceeded all of our expectations. I totally enjoyed working with you and appreciate you extending your knowledge and expertise to us.
As you can see from our survey results, our attendees thought you were great too!"
- Karen Kramer, VIKTOR Incentives
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