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3 Tips to Writing Content for Your Ideal Client Avatar

Think of marketing like a plate of nachos. You want to start out with your demographic data (chips), add in psychographic data (nacho cheese), pile on behavioral attributes (meat), and top it off with needs (sour cream).

Marketing is about layering your messaging to communicate how you have the solution to solve your avatar’s problem. This is done by gathering data to help you know and understand who she is and what she values in her life.

The more time you spend getting to know her, the more successfully you can get her to engage with you to add even more toppings to your plate to nachos. Your ultimate goal is for her to feel like you know who she is, what she’s going through, and how to get her to where she wants to be.

Check out these 3 tips to spice up your content writing recipes

Tip #1 - Be Clear On Your Avatar’s Values

Goals are tied to values. When your messaging is in alignment with what your avatar values, she will be receptive to taking the next step on the buyer’s journey with you.

Tip #2 - Be Specific When Describing Her Biggest Pain Point

She is looking for solutions to her biggest problems. Show her that you “get” what she’s going through with your targeted content.

"What separates good content from great content is a willingness to take risks and push the envelope." – Brian Halligan

Tip #3 - Know Your Avatar’s Buying Motivation

Understanding your avatar’s buying motivation will help you craft messaging that will compel her to act when you present an invitation to your offer.

Do you need a marketing or business strategy to take your business to the next level?

When you work with our team, you can get help with niching down your avatar, writing content that converts, creating a business strategy to take your business to the next level? And when you’re ready, we can nerd out with you and use data to build a customized audience filled with high-performing leads.

If this sounds like something you need help with, schedule a call to discover how we can help you grow your business:

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