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6 Benefits of Data-Driven Audiences

Big businesses have been using data-driven marketing for decades. Why? Because it is effective. When you take the guesswork out of who you're marketing to, you change the way you market. You no longer get lost in the ocean of content that’s out there. Your message starts to resonate with the people you are best equipped to help! When marketing becomes personal, it becomes more effective. Data can help you do that. Data is more than just identifying an age range, gender, and location. Data helps you tap into psycho-demographics to help you identify your potential buyer’s motivations and decision-making triggers. When you use data to define your audience, you have the power to prequalify people on the front end of the process. When your audience is prequalified based on interest levels in your services, financial ability to afford your high-ticket offers, and buying readiness you can shift gears from mining for potential buyers to building relationships with future buyers.

If you’re not using data in your marketing strategy, here are six benefits of harnessing the power of data in your business:

Tip #1 - Clarity and Content

When you are clear on who you are talking to, your messaging becomes more impactful. You are able to articulate the problem you solve more succinctly and your message will resonate with your dream client. No more guessing who you’re talking to, you know exactly who you’re targeting based on your highly defined avatar.

Tip #2 - Segmentation

With your custom-built data-driven audience, you’ll be able to segment potential buyers into precise categories so your messaging will always be on target. Being aware of where potential clients are in your funnel will help you write targeted messaging to keep them engaged throughout the buyer’s journey.

"The key to success is to find a way to stand out - to be the purple cow in a field of monochrome Holsteins." – Seth Godin

Tip #3 - Targeted Messaging

More personalization in your marketing will help you create more meaningful connections with your audience. When you know what motivates their buying decisions you can speak directly to the issues that drive their buying decisions. The messaging in your email and sales campaigns will become more appealing and enhance your buyer’s experience.

Tip #4 - Buyer's Journey

Comprehensive surveys and data modeling tools build custom audiences that convert. The more insights you have about what makes your dream customer tick, the more genuine (less "salesy") your marketing message will become.

Tip #5 - Product Development

Reduce the number of product failures by understanding your target audience. When you understand who you’re talking to, you can create products that are better suited for your ideal avatar.

Tip #6 - Product Development

You can increase your touchpoints with potential customers because you know exactly where they are hanging out. No more building multiple audiences on multiple platforms. When potential buyers have an easy path to purchasing, revenues increase.

It's time to take control of your messaging...

The evolution of marketing has given us more insights into customer behavior than ever before! Just like Hansel and Gretel leaving breadcrumbs in the forest, today’s consumers leave digital breadcrumbs behind as they navigate the internet. This information allows us, as digital marketers, to be more targeted and potentially reduce our ad spend. Learning how to leverage this type of data requires a shift in your mindset and strategy. Business owners who are willing to take the leap and try something new will find that data-driven audiences are an excellent way to get to know the people you’re trying to connect with.

Data-driven marketing allows you, the business owner, to be in control of your messaging. It allows you to speak to your potential customers as individuals. Your custom messaging can help you be more relevant and more profitable because you are less “salesy.” Personalization and customization are the waves of the future. People want to feel seen, heard, and understood, and at the end of the day, data is the tool you can use to acquire that level of understanding quickly.

When you fully understand your audience, you are better able to cross-promote and increase client retention by creating up-sell opportunities for future products and services. If you’re considering adding data-driven audiences to your digital marketing strategy, click here to schedule a 15-minute call to find out how this powerful tool could increase your bottom line and help you reach your financial goals more efficiently.

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