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Curated Audiences Increase Paid Ads Conversion Rates

Audience curation isn’t a new idea. Large corporations have been doing it for decades. Why? Because it increases their number of conversions. On average for every $1 spent on ads, a company can expect to make $8. Not a bad deal, right? When Facebook came on the scene, digital marketing made running ads more affordable for small business owners like you and me. It provided more tools and more data to see who was seeing your ads, and what type of conversion rates you were getting from your ad spend. Up until that time, businesses had no way to measure how many people saw their traditional ads on billboards, print, tv, or radio. It was expensive and difficult to narrow down your niche if you were selling a specialty product or service. Businesses had to rely on the massive numbers of people that could be reached and hope that a percentage of them matched their avatars. We used ads and lists in our mortgage business. We had high levels of success with lists from title companies, but less success with print ads, tv, and radio. Even though we spent high dollars for premium placement our conversion rates were low and our ROI wasn’t worth the ad spend. Paid ads do well when you can reach your ideal client avatar. They don’t do well when you’re hoping to find your dream customer in a sea of potential customers who share very few data points. Last week, I was talking to our data scraping team and they were currently working on a project for P&G (Proctor and Gamble) to pull a curated list for laundry soap ads. Seems pretty generic, doesn’t it? We all use laundry soap, how targeted do they need to be? As it turns out, there is a very specific demographic for each type of soap P&G produces. For instance, people who use non-scented soaps have a high propensity to be sensitive to smell and are interested in environmental issues. Many of their purchasers have skin allergies or eczema and need perfume-free products to avoid breakouts. These tiny bits of data drive their buying decisions, so P&G has multiple products for people with different preferences. Why? They understand how these preferences impact their customer’s buying decisions. When Facebook ads came out, there were dozens of selections available to define an audience and narrow down the scope of an avatar. With the onset of privacy laws, many of those tools have been removed from our reach, even though this data is still being collected by social media platforms, Google, location trackers, etc. So, how is it possible to get in front of your dream customer? In our opinion, it’s the curated audience. It is a simple done-with-you product that is omnichannel capable and can be uploaded directly to Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube. Each high-performing audience is built from the criteria you provide. Why is that important? It puts you in control of who sees your ads. No more building audiences on multiple platforms, all of your audiences are under one umbrella. No more waiting for Ads Manager to learn who it thinks your dream customer is. No more relying on the algorithms to decide who sees your ads. No more advertising to bots or fake accounts. Did you know that nearly 30% of all accounts on Facebook are fake or bots? Facebook removes nearly 500,000 fake accounts each month, but it’s a never-ending battle. As soon as these accounts are deleted, more fake accounts pop up to replace them. Why is that important for you to know? Bots and fake accounts will never buy from you. 30% of your ad spend is potentially being seen by accounts that will never convert into paying customers, yet they show up in your impressions, so you believe that your ads are performing well and increasing your visibility with your target audience. Have you ever stopped to consider how much better your ads would perform if you could define your dream customer’s avatar to be precisely who you want to work with? On average, people who use curated audiences for their paid ad campaigns increase their conversions by 40%. That’s a big deal when you look at filling your programs and getting an ROI on your marketing dollars. One of my colleagues is a highly sought-after Social Media Strategist. She shared that she has a manual process that she uses to curate audiences on a smaller scale for her clients. Why is she going to all of the trouble to do that? Because she understands the value of marketing to the RIGHT audience and not just any audience. I’m a huge fan of Russell Brunson over at ClickFunnels. He says, “You’re just one funnel away from making a million dollars.” At Audientum, we say, “You're just one curated audience away from selling out your programs and generating 6-figure leaps in your business.” The curated audience works hand-in-hand with your funnels. It works in harmony with Kelly Roach’s Live Launch Method. Why? Because it puts you center stage in front of an audience that has been prequalified to your custom specifications based on 550 data points. Each person in our audience is financially pre-qualified and has an interest in your products and services. That’s a very big deal. When you own a curated audience you can:

  • Create targeted messaging that speaks directly to your dream customer's exact pain points.

  • Speak to your potential customers where they hang out (FB/LI/YT/SMS Messaging)

  • Fill conversion events (workshops/summits/challenges/webinars) with pre-qualified leads.

  • Convert 40% more leads into paying customers.

  • Sell out programs (1:1 coaching/masterminds/group coaching/courses/live events)

  • Build customer loyalty for future conversions (upsell to a new product or service)

You can stop:

  • Spending time and money mining for potential leads in Facebook groups or scanning LinkedIn profiles (estimated $1k monthly)

  • Wasting ad spend on bots and fake accounts ($300 month based on $1K monthly ad spend)

  • Writing content to a generic audience that doesn’t convert (estimated $250 - $750 monthly)

  • Hosting failed conversion events because no one shows up (estimated $7500 costs for copywriting, program creation, advertising, manually curating, social selling, ad spend)

A curated audience is a business tool that will enhance whatever launch method you currently use by putting you in front of the RIGHT audience. This business tool has the potential to change your business with just one launch of a high-ticket offer ($1500+).

If you’re struggling to get in front of the RIGHT audience and you’re experiencing failed attempt after failed attempt at a successful launch strategy, the curated audience could be the missing link in your success journey. Our team can help you design your dream avatar, curate an audience filled with people you want to work with, button up your messaging, create a launch strategy, and fast-track your success journey.

I’m sure you've heard Peter Drucker’s quotes, “The purpose of a business is to create a customer.” and,” The aim of marketing is to know and understand the customer so well that the product or service fits him and sells itself.” The curated audience will substantially increase your ability to convert leads into paying customers because of your deep intimate understanding of people inside of your audience. You’ll be able to create products and programs that provide custom solutions for their specific problems.

Let’s face it, marketing is all about building relationships with potential customers. Doesn’t it just make sense to spend your time connecting with people who already have an interest in your projects and services? We think so, and that is why we have worked so hard to make this business tool affordable for small business owners, like you!

If you’re not getting the results you want in your business, click here to schedule a 15-minute "connect" call with a member of our team and find out if the curated audience could be the answer you’re looking for to take your business to the next level.

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