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Getting Comfortable With Your Data  3 Reasons Why You Need to Regularly Check In

Forrester Research has said that we are in “The Age or the Customer,” where companies are no longer driving business decisions, customers are. For this very reason, it is imperative for businesses to know and understand their clients and potential clients on a deeper level. Now, more than ever, small businesses need to look for big business solutions to help them do more than survive in their business. Leveraging data is one of those tools that not everyone is comfortable with yet. Be that as it may, data is the wave of the future for successful marketing and advertising. I think you’d agree that analytics are only as good as the data they are built upon. Many small businesses struggle to have good quantitative data about their audiences because they don’t know where to begin to collect and store it. Without accurate data, beliefs about your ideal client may be misleading causing you to create content that is missing the mark. Below are three ways you can gain more information about your ideal client:

Pay attention to what your clients are doing.

It’s easy to think they want one thing or another based on what you want to create. But, you should pause and observe what their actions are telling you they can and need.

Minimize blind spots.

Make sure you’re capturing everything you can about your audience. Blind spots leave you open to making critical mistakes in how you communicate with your ideal client and potential buyers.

Pivot as needed.

Clients' wants and needs are always changing. Be flexible and be willing to change course to keep in pace with your audience. Why does understanding your client base matter?

  • It’s crucial in this new age of marketing to treat each client as an individual, not a part of the masses. The more personal you can be in your communication, the more successful you’ll be in turning leads into paying clients.

  • The more you understand who your ideal client is and what makes them tick, the more skillfully you can craft offers that add value to them. When your offer resonates with your audience, the more likely they are to become buyers.

  • To continue to build your business, you need to know what next steps are in your client experience. When you can retain current clients by selling them into your next level service, you lower your client acquisition rates.

At Audientum, we believe that you should own your client data. When you own your data, it puts you in the driver's seat for your marketing and advertising efforts. Allow me to share a story of a woman in my FB group. She recently ran an ad campaign on Facebook expecting to get a good result. However, she was horribly disappointed in her results. She had a clear idea of who she was targeting, and she believed she did a good job defining her target market with the tools that were available to her. Unfortunately, Facebook’s algorithm had a different idea of who should see her ads. It may be no big surprise to you that the people who saw her ads were the polar opposite of who she intended to see her message. This was through no fault of her own. The deck was stacked against her before she ever scheduled her ad campaign. You see, Facebook doesn’t provide access to the data points that matter most when you’re targeting your ads. It primarily focuses on the demographic data and not the psychometric data that keys in on how your ideal client makes decisions, their past buying behaviors, or their interest in your product or service. If she had used a curated audience driven by data that mattered to her avatar, her results would have been drastically different. Did you know that you have the capability to upload a curated audience directly into an ads manager on each social media platform? When you know who is in your audience, you can write more compelling content, design ads that appeal to them, and craft offers that demonstrate how you can solve their biggest pain points. If you want to learn more about our 8-step process, feel free to schedule a Data Driven Audience Consultation Call with a member of our data curation team. We would welcome the opportunity to chat about how you could:

  • Save time and energy trying to mine client data on your own

  • Know exactly who is in your audience

  • Write better content

  • Craft more appealing offers

  • Get an ROI on ad spend

  • Create a consistent revenue stream

  • Scale your business more quickly

It is our mission to equip you with the tools you need to scale your business more efficiently by offering strategies that support your business growth. If you’re ready to get better outcomes, you may need to try new tactics that fly in the face of what the ‘gurus' are telling you to do.

To your success in 2022!

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