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I don’t have an avatar…does it matter?

Last week I hosted a masterclass called 5 Things you Need to Know About Your Avatar to Write Copy Like a Pro! The purpose of the class was to demonstrate how knowing who your avatar is outside of simple demographics is necessary to move people from being a lead to becoming paying customers. Questions flooded in after the class and I wanted to share a couple of them here:

Question: “Who should I choose as my ideal avatar?”

That was the most asked question!!!!

You might be asking yourself, “Why does it matter?” Short answer: If you don’t know WHO you’re targeting, nothing else works!!!!

Epiphany: Ads. Content. Sales letters. Speeches. Facebook lives. Training.

NONE of it works if you don’t know WHO your ideal customer is!

Question: “Who should I pick as my avatar?” or “How do I pick my avatar?” I’m asked this question on a daily basis.

People usually fall into one of three categories when it comes to choosing an avatar:

  • People who know exactly who their avatar is (and have clear messaging and CTAs – they truly are unicorns).

  • People who have 3, 4, 5 or MORE different avatars to choose from (and try to talk to them all with the same messaging).

  • People who don’t know where to start (and lack clarity in their messaging and offers).

In my experience over the past twelve years, the overwhelming majority of people fall into the last two groups.

Epiphany: You have a message to share and value to add… but you just can’t seem to narrow down exactly who to share that value with! Narrowing down who you can help feels counterintuitive so you simply don’t choose.

The great news is, I have created a new workbook, “101 Questions To Design Your Highly Defined Customer Avatar.” These questions will help you define your perfect avatar by walking you through psychographic questions that will help you identify the people you are called to serve at your highest level.

Truth is, no matter which of those three groups above you fall into, this workbook will help you figure out the group of people you can help the best.

Here’s just a sample of the types of questions you’ll discover answers to:

  • What does their everyday routine look like?

  • Who influences them?

  • What are their core values?

  • How do they make purchasing decisions?

  • What are their buying motivations?

This workbook will revolutionize the way you write content and do business because it reveals exactly “who” is right for you and your unique combination of talents and abilities.

If your offers are falling flat, if you’re struggling to fill your conversion events, or you’re lacking engagement on your social posts check out this workbook and narrow down who you’re targeting with your messaging: Once you start talking to that ONE person, you’ll start to attract the people who need your service or program the most. Even if you are capable of serving more than one avatar, you need to have specific messaging for each problem you solve. Your ideal avatar is the heartbeat of your company. EVERYTHING flows from that person’s personality, values, problems and desires. The more specific you can be in your messaging, the easier it will be to move people through your sales funnels. Remember, you might be selling hundreds of your product or service each year, but you will do it ONE person at a time.

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