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Intentional Living Increases Productivity

Have you ever been overwhelmed not knowing the next step to take on your business-building journey? You’re not alone. I have felt the same way. Tasks that felt too big would intimidate me, and cause me to put my head in the sand and not take action.

I have seen this behavior time and time again with my coaching clients. They have big ideas and dreams but have a difficult time executing the plan. Not knowing which step to take next or how to prioritize each can be frustrating and overwhelming.

As a business and marketing strategy coach, I help entrepreneurs find solutions to help them jump over hurdles that are preventing them from finishing the race, by creating systems and strategies that produce better results.

One of the first strategies we work on is the art of intentional living. Being intentional with our thoughts and actions is the first way to unscramble our thinking processes and find clarity. Taking control over how we spend our time, what we think about, and whom we interact with can have a profound effect on our performance.

Let’s take a look at five ways we can be intentional:

#1 - Start by creating a comprehensive calendaring system

Include both business and personal/social items on your calendar so your entire life is encapsulated in one place. This small change will bring continuity to your scheduling, and create a natural rhythm to each day.

Block out important dates that will take you out of the office for family and vacation time to prevent conflicts from arising.

Then start to create 40-day cycles. Consider the goals you have for that time period, and start to break each goal down into bite-sized pieces that can be achieved in that timeframe. At the end of each month, look to the next 40-day cycle. Make adjustments as needed.

Finally, chunk out time each day to work on specific tasks. When you limit your priorities to three per day, you can fully commit to doing a thorough job and reaching your goal more quickly.

#2 - Reflect at the end of each day

Consider what you accomplished, where you fell short, and how you can be more productive the next day. Shift priorities as needed.

Take time to analyze your efforts, note where you experienced resistance or felt stuck and unable to move forward. Reflection can help build confidence as you look back and learn from previous behaviors and actions.

Journal how you felt about the day, whom you encountered, and what gratitude you had. Let your mind flow free. This exercise will help you bring perspective and a new awareness of your habits.

#3 - Schedule time each day to dedicate to uninterrupted thinking

Designate a special place where you can focus on growing your business. There are many different types of thinking that entrepreneurs should be intentional about utilizing in their business.

Being deliberate in utilizing thinking tools will increase your ability to take your business to the next level:

  • Focused thinking harnesses your energy on a specific goal.

  • Creative thinking helps you identify new ways of approaching a challenge or brainstorming new ideas.

  • Realistic thinking provides an honest assessment of where you are and where you plan to go as well as minimizing risk moving forward.

  • Strategic thinking is powerful in charting a course to achieve the objective. Having the right strategy can save you time and money.

  • Possibility thinking allows you to dream big and attract opportunities and people to you.

#4 - Set time-bound goals

Goals are like a roadmap to your success. If they are not measurable and time-bound, you may never arrive at your destination.

Creating milestones for each goal will help you feel progress and build motivation to keep moving forward. Breaking larger goals into manageable pieces will prevent overwhelm and help you stay the course.

#5 -Choose whom you want to spend your time with

They say you are the average of the 5 people you spend your time with. Make sure they are feeding a growth mindset and not planting limitations in your thought processes.

Equip yourself to take your life and business to the next level.

Your mindset has a tremendous amount of power when it comes to experiencing success in life and in businesses. Mindset holds the keys to how effectively we create strategies and execute our plans.

Nobody ever created greatness on his own. Building a team to fill in the gaps is essential to achieving success. Hiring a coach can help hold you accountable, guide you through finding the answers you are seeking, and help you create strategies to increase your productivity.

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