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JoAnne Civiletto | Founder of Still The Chaos

We are running a blog series featuring small business owners in multiple niches and industries. It is our aim to help facilitate connections and raise the visibility of small business owners around the globe. COVID-19 caused many small businesses to pivot and retool to sustain a profitable business. Sharing lessons learned will strengthen us all! Today we’re excited to introduce you to small-business owners, JoAnne Civiletto. JoAnne is the founder of Still The Chaos, a coaching program for those who are finally ready to ditch the overwhelm.

What is the WHY behind your business? What motivated you to get started?

After 20 years of coaching others in the career development and nutritional health fields I came face to face with the reality that I was the reason my life was in chaos. I got help and broke free and now I am on a mission to help intuitive, ambitious moms and dads to break the cycles of trauma,, abuse, and disconnection for them and their children.

Did COVID impact your business? If yes, how did you pivot and overcome the challenges?

Yes. I had to start using online resources and it forced me to create a group program model so that I can help more people faster. I also had to make the leap into full time entrepreneurship because I couldn't sustain homeschooling my kids, working and coaching on the side.

What lessons did you learn that made your business more resilient and sustainable?

I learned that lifestyle is a choice and there is always a way through, especially when your mission is to serve and help others.

Who do you serve and how do you help them? (what problem do you solve?)

I help intuitive business professionals stop the chaos of overwhelm caused by lack of self-care, clarity and limiting beliefs. I help them Still The Chaos and have lives of abundance and purpose.

Why/How did you select this niche?

I realized the impact that my breakthrough has had for me and my kids. I want to help others break free and teach others too.

What types of programs do you offer?

Group and one-on-one coaching. I also run an online coaching challenge once a quarter.

What kind of results can people expect from working with you?

Personal growth, self confidence to pursue their life purpose, clarity on their spiritual foundation, autistic and aligned actions to help them pursue their business goals.

How can readers connect with you and learn more about or support you? (share website, email, social links)


Facebook:stillstrongonpurpose group, stillnessandpurpose

Instagram: still.thechaos

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