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Meet Jodi Bondy | Founder of Hoosier Photo Organizer

Today we’re excited to introduce you to small-business owner, Jodi Bondy. Jodi is Owner and Founder of Hoosier Photo Organizer.

What is the WHY behind your business? What motivated you to get started?

Jodi has always been a problem solver and when she was doing a part time business with a scrapbooking company, many people would steer clear of her vendor booth because they did not scrapbook - but she would always ask "But you have photos, right?"

Did COVID impact your business? If yes, how did you pivot and overcome the challenges?

Covid actually helped my business. I had taken in more client work just prior to the shutdown, so I had lots to keep me busy. Then as everyone else was stuck at home, they were starting to tackle closets and storage areas so more projects would come in via porch pickup or contactless meetings.

What lessons did you learn that made your business more resilient and sustainable?

Focus on the things that I am good at while also stretching myself to learn some new techniques and processes. Listen to the client and help them to clarify what the end goal is they want to achieve.

Who do you serve and how do you help them? (what problem do you solve?)

I help my clients make sense of a chaotic situation that is weighing them down and provide a better way to organize and preserve their family legacy so that it can be shared, celebrated, and available for generations to come.

Why/How did you select this niche?

As I was starting to lose my older generations in my family, I realized I wanted to be able to pass on the wisdom and stories that I had received from them.

What types of programs do you offer?

I can work with clients in one of 3 ways (or a combination of them) - DIY: I teach them the methods they would use to tackle their photos and memories in order to get them ready for preservation; Coach: I can work side by side with a client assigning them tasks such as tagging and identifying specific info about photos, sorting out the duplicates, and such while I do the scanning and organizing digitally; Total Hand Off: some clients just want it done. So they give me everything in boxes, albums, boxes, etc and I then deconstruct the collection and move it into a digital form. Backing it up and then providing this back to the client.

What kind of results can people expect from working with you?

I want it to be clear as well as detailed. Sometimes it is hard to develop the structure electronically that you have built physically, so learning the best platform that will work for that client is important. Every client is different and so being willing to hear their message and deliver that to them is important.

How can readers connect with you and learn more about or support you? (share website, email, social links)

Website: Email: I am on LinkedIn, Facebook (not very active on Twitter or Instagram but have accounts). I am able to do virtual appointments as well. If they are wanting on site help and I am not within distance to travel - I can connect them with a fellow photo manager. They can also check out the website for The Photo Managers at to understand our industry.

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