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Meet Maureen Kendall | Author

We are starting a new blog series featuring small business owners in multiple niches and industries. It is our aim to help facilitate connections and raise the visibility of small business owners around the globe. COVID-19 caused many small businesses to pivot and retool to sustain a profitable business. Sharing lessons learned will strengthen us all! Today we’re excited to introduce you to small-business owner, Maureen Kendall. Maureen is the author of the book Making God #1 in Your Business.

What is the WHY behind your business? What motivated you to get started?

God put me on a mission to write a book! Even though it was a bit scary at first, because it was out of my normal wheelhouse, I have become very passionate about it! The mission of the book is to set off a chain reaction around the world, to renew the mindset of business owners by Making God #1 in their businesses. This renewal will lead to more joy and love in the hearts of business owners, their families, employees, communities, and every life they touch. This renewal and transformation will lead many to salvation, one business at a time!

A little more about me. I was a successful “steward” of many businesses with God at the helm. I enjoyed my God-given ability to take several businesses from little to no revenue to over a million dollars in the first year. My greatest passion is serving God. My second greatest passion is serving small businesses by helping them soar with their God-given talents!

Did COVID impact your business? If yes, how did you pivot and overcome the challenges?

Only in the respect that for a while speaking engagements were difficult to do in person.

What lessons did you learn that made your business more resilient and sustainable?

I am still learning! Tools like Zoom rather than meeting in person or speaking in person.

Who do you serve and how do you help them? (what problem do you solve?)

Christian business owners. The book teaches Integrating Christian faith with day-to-day business practice. It also defines the benefits of having God #1 in their business, i.e., decreasing stress and increasing the joy and success of entrepreneurship. The tools a business owner can use to help in all areas of business, including hiring and employee retention, adding value to their family, employees, community. The book has key points and tools to work with the business owner in figuring out the purpose God has for them in business. This multifaceted book also unwraps ways business owners can lead people to Jesus through their business if it is on their hearts! On top of that, it includes Maureen’s “Pay it Forward Business Method” which was one of the tools God gave her to be a successful entrepreneur and has helped many others over the years. A workbook/Bible study is available to accompany the book. I am also available for speaking engagements, workshops, and coaching to guide business owners through the process so they can implement faith into their day-to-day business practice, along with having more joy and less stress!

Why/How did you select this niche?

God put it on my heart. He had been preparing me as an entrepreneur for years, and during one of the worst times in my life (where God shines in us and uses us most), He told me to do this.

What types of programs do you offer?

Book, workbook, speaking engagements, and some coaching. I am considering hosting workshops in the near future.

What kind of results can people expect from working with you?

More peace and joy in their business and life. Learning why God should be number One in their business, and how to make that happen. Discovering where they are now and where God wants them to go from here. Acquiring a stronger foundation for their business. How to overcome faith challenges in business. My clients have had some of the following results: Changed the entire outlook of their business which in turn positively changed their business and lives; lead people to Jesus!!!; discovered what business they should be in; now actually use their talents the way God meant for them to be used; and much more!

Here are just a couple of testimonials: "I found the book, “Making God #1 in your Business,” after some sessions with a local business coach. In fact, I was able to meet the author because of those meetings and have become friends ever since.

The book is awesome! It lays a foundation for how to recognize that God is the supplier of all and to steward what he gives us well. Having been a Christian and a business owner for some time, I often felt a separation between how I was living and how I was doing business. The book really gives a sense of purpose and responsibility to the business owner regarding God’s will in your life and your business.

The book also has a workbook that will help you plan your path to Making God #1 in your Business.

The author’s heart is in the right place and has a tremendous passion for helping small businesses. She attributes her success in business and in life completely to God and she lives out that success on the pages of her book. I just can’t say enough good things about this book!"

Mark Thomas

Thomas Paint Inc.

“Making God #1 In Your Business” came at a pivotal time in my entrepreneurial journey. I was hungry for a new God-centered way of serving people different to previous coaching. There is no doubt in my mind as to why Mauri has had the success she has. The first few chapters alone poured out to me the importance of having God and His standards as the foundation of the business I would run. There is a checklist, a litmus test if you will, as to whether your business may or may not be in alignment with God’s Word. It felt like a knife of truth in my spirit. I realized I had unintentionally built my business on a worldly way of growth and wealth, but I knew no other way, until reading this book. The book showed me that I was trying to build a dream that was not given by man but using tools given my man, and started out faulty. Mauri goes on to provide truth on how you can revisit your foundations with a God-centered approach, backed by scripture, which helped me to understand why God has put me where He has, with the tools I already possess. Whether you are starting in your entrepreneurial journey or a business veteran, you will be blessed by the teachings and insights in this book. The “Pay-it-Forward Business Method” Mauri teaches at the end is game- in and of itself.

Brendan MacDonald

New Zealand

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