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Meet Megan Nolan | Vitality Coach

We are starting a new blog series featuring small business owners in multiple niches and industries. It is our aim to help facilitate connections and raise the visibility of small business owners around the globe. COVID-19 caused many small businesses to pivot and retool to sustain a profitable business. Sharing lessons learned will strengthen us all!

Today we’re excited to introduce you to

small-business owner, Megan Nolan. She helps driven high achieving women to overcome back and neck pain so they can live their lives joyfully energized!

She is the creator of the Wake the Warrior Within Method that combines the tools of Yoga, movement, breath work, and mindset fitness to help them create an empowering morning routine that leaves them feeling refreshed and ready for the day.

What is the WHY behind your business? What motivated you to get started?

As a Vitality Coach, I believe that Yoga provides a foundational toolset for building health and wellness. I have found in my 19 years of practicing yoga, my experience has evolved from one of focusing on the physical to one that provides me a deeper understanding of who I am and who I want to be.

It is my mission to help to elevate the energy of the planet by helping over 500 people to overcome pain in their bodies. This relief has beautiful ripple effects into all areas of their lives as it helps them to be more patient, kind, and joyful!

Did COVID impact your business? If yes, how did you pivot and overcome the challenges?

It certainly did! Before the pandemic, I was serving my community here on Maui by doing in-person Yoga at Work sessions and workshops, which was so fun and fulfilling! Due to restrictions gathering in groups was no longer allowed so thankfully we were able to keep things going via Zoom.

Thankfully, I already had an online program called Yoga at My Desk so I was familiar with the tech side of things so the transition to virtual was pretty smooth.

Given the stress and uncertainty of the situation, I felt very compelled to continue to share the tools of Yoga to help people to stay healthy and find a sense of peace and grounded. This led to me connecting to a variety of different communities around the world which is wonderful!

What lessons did you learn that made your business more resilient and sustainable?

I have learned to expand my network beyond my local community in order to connect with and serve more people with these incredible tools.

Who do you serve and how do you help them? (what problem do you solve?)

I help driven high achieving women overcome back and neck pain so they can live their lives joyfully energized!

Why/How did you select this niche?

I love helping other women so that they can go out and share their magic with the world and not compromise their health in the process!

What types of programs do you offer?

Online self-paced programs, Group Coaching, Private Coaching

What kind of results can people expect from working with you?

  • Get out of pain by restoring the natural balance of strength and flexibility

  • Staying strong, toned, and fit to take pressure off the joints

  • Feel vibrantly energized so you can do all the activities that you love

  • Release extra weight to feel great in your own skin and love what you see in the mirror

  • Release stress so you feel calm and centered in every situation

  • The tools to nourish yourself on every level of mind, body, and spirit all in one session!

How can readers connect with you and learn more about or support you? (share website, email, social links)

FREE LIVE TRAINING: Prevent the dreaded keyboard hunchback with the free Out of Pain and into Power workshop on March 23rd!




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