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What is behavioral data and why does it matter?

Understanding your clients is what sets you apart from your competition. The more you know and understand their behavior, the better you can serve them. When we talk about data at Audientum, we are looking beyond the basic demographic data that is easy to access, we are looking at the more complex attributes that your clients possess. You know, the things that really make them tick.

The deeper your understanding of how your audience thinks and feels, the better you can predict their future behaviors and purchasing decisions. Behavioral data, in particular, is valuable to you because it provides granular details about the relationship your clients and potential clients have with your brand and your touchpoints.

What is a touchpoint? Simply put it describes the avenues that your clients use to engage with you: your website, your email campaigns, your social media platform, your help desk, and even your bots.

Before the onset of digital marketing, business owners would be able to observe their clients’ behaviors in a face-to-face setting. They would be able to see where they spent most of their time, the products that piqued the most interest, and who were returning customers.

In our new age of digital shopping, it is a bit less personal and more challenging to see who our consumers really are and get to know their wants, needs, and desires. Analytics tools like Google Analytics and Adobe Analytics make it easier to decipher how your clients interact with you. They can help you identify popular content, keywords, and help you better connect with your potential client base. But, these tools aren’t capable of providing information based on each individual visitor.

As a business owner, you can capture this data, but it can be difficult to synthesize and utilize without a team of data scientists to help you decipher what it all means. Successful businesses understand the value of using data to predict the interests and intent of individuals in their audience. Past behaviors and shopping patterns are excellent indicators that point to future purchasing decisions.

That is part of the 8-step process we use to build highly targeted audiences for our clients. We tap into technology that builds models to predict how each person is likely to react to the specific products and services our clients offer. Our surveys, modeling, and scoring system allow us to handpick the best candidates for a specific product or service.

Audience building has come a long way from toggling switches off and on to targeting a specific type of person through ads managers. Audience building and lead generation have become more complex and more accurate through the use of behavioral data. Behavioral data is much more than just data. It gives business owners the power and capability to predict their audience’s future actions with a sense of certainty by anticipating their clients’ needs and behaviors. This enables them to be more targeted and focused in their marketing and advertising efforts. Which ultimately leads to more conversions and happy clients.

If you’d like to learn more about harnessing the power of behavioral data in your business, schedule a call with a member of our data curation team and discover how a curated audience can help you design a predictable system for scaling your business.

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