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World Class Habits That Will Elevate Your Life and Business

Being an entrepreneur and growing a coaching business isn’t easy. It takes a strategic plan and consistent action-taking. Having the right habits will literally create the life and business you want. Several years ago I was introduced to the Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod. His ideas on how important habits are helped me create daily routines that enable me to produce at a higher level so I can make a bigger impact in less time. For those of you who follow me, you know that I’m big into managing energy more so than time because I have learned that if I do the right tasks for my energy level, I will be more productive and creative.

If you’re ready to step up your game and become the kick-ass entrepreneur you know you can be, you’ll want to incorporate these 10 habits into your daily life:


This state of being empowers entrepreneurs to only focus on competing with themselves with the goal of becoming the BEST possible version of who they CAN be. At this level of self-awareness, they let go of ego, fear, and scarcity and embrace the risk-taking involved with reaching their full potential. When you play to win, you let go of old perceptions of failure and believe that there is only learning and growing. When you can truly see what’s possible, your mindset shift breaks down boundaries that have held you hostage and open up doors for creating a space that makes the impossible possible. Adopt the mantra, “I cannot fail, I can only learn and grow. The only person I am competing with is myself.”

Be Empathetic

High performers are grounded. They know where they came from and stay connected to their roots. This level of connection enables them to be better managers, coaches, and leaders. Empathetic people are often seen as embodying humility and having the ability to make connections easily. They feel gratitude towards the people who invested in them and contributed to their success. Embracing an abundance mindset allows them to give back to their community and experience an abundance of blessings. They understand that psychological momentum is required to jump from success to success. Take a moment today to write a note to someone who helped you succeed along the way, pay close attention to how this action step makes you feel.

Expect Criticism

Movers and shakers aren’t impacted by criticism. Kick-ass business owners recognize that criticism comes from a place of insecurity and scarcity and this prevents them from feeling emotionally grounded. They don’t get bogged down with personalities and opinions, instead, they focus on ideas and creating. By comparison, average people look lazy and unmotivated. Evaluate the mirror you’re holding up to those around you, how can you motivate others to tap into their full potential?

Embrace the Power to Choose

When you become the master of your own destiny, you experience true freedom. Eliminate the phrase “have to” from your vocabulary and embrace the idea that you “get to choose to" take certain actions each day. This mindset shift will set you on a path of building the life and business that fulfills you. There is no more leaving it up to chance when you are intentional about the actions you take each and every day. Take a moment today to take ownership of your life, evaluate the things you feel you “have to” do, and omit them from your routine by making a different choice.

Scheduling Time to Think

John Maxwell is a proponent for taking time to think. In his book, ‘How Successful People Think’ he outlines several thinking strategies that set great leaders apart from average people. When you understand that your thoughts impact your feelings, which in turn, drive your actions, you can begin to see the importance of minimizing external forces that impact your thinking. Becoming skillful at thinking about what you think about or having ‘metacognition’ is a gamechanger for business owners. Once you become aware that your thoughts produce your results, you can embrace the power that comes from eliminating thoughts that no longer serve you. Take a peek at your mood today, and ask yourself, “What thoughts put me in this mood?”

Delay Gratification

Stop thinking about microwave results. Success is a journey that requires commitment and sacrifice. Remember, you have to give up to go up! Begin to cultivate actions that will reap results with consistent and intentional actions over time. Being willing to delay compensation or gratification for longer-term wins sets champions apart from their competition. Ask yourself, “Am I focusing on gratification/pleasure-based outcomes, or am I seeking to achieve long-term results with a bigger payoff?”

Embrace Conflict

Conflict brings about a three-dimensional perspective on a problem. High-level achievers don’t get caught up in who gets the credit for solving the problem, they are focused on getting a positive outcome. Conflict in its simplest form is a system of checks and balances within an organization or relationship. Conflict can be a catalyst for growth because of the combined brainpower of the participants. Healthy conflict sets aside ego and emotion and is grounded in logic and collaboration. Pause and ask yourself if you are addicted to gaining the approval of others and is it impeding your success.

Be the Pig, not the Chicken

You may have heard the breakfast story of the pig and chicken who were planning the menu. The chicken was providing the eggs for the meal and the pig was providing the bacon. He was fully committed to the endeavor, while the chicken only had to be partially in to reach the goal. When you’re fully committed, you are willing to risk everything to reach your goal. When you’re fully committed, you accept that setbacks are a part of success. Lessons learned along the way can position you for a great comeback if you’re willing to stay the course. Learning how to be mentally tough is the key to long-term results. Do you have a goal you’ve given up on? It’s not too late to revive that dream and make a comeback!

Know your Rhythm

We all have an ebb and flow of high performance. If we don’t manage our energy efficiently, we can face burnout and exhaustion. Each of us has a breaking point and it’s important to know where that is. High achieving people that understand there is magic in the mix of pushing yourself for high-impact results and taking care of yourself physically, emotionally, and spiritually. I’d like to invite you to create a stress and recovery plan to keep you operating at peak performance and maximum happiness.

Be Coachable

Coaches are masterful at fueling the flames that burn within their clients’ bellies. Having an open mind is at the heart of success. High-achievers are obsessed with finding the edge to win. It might be innovative thinking, cutting-edge strategy, or new techniques that set them apart and get them to the finish line first. If you don’t have a coach, consider how working with one could get you the results you’re looking for faster.

It’s easy to fall into the trap of feeling like a victim when things don’t go your way. Maybe your first business failed. Maybe you have tried doing all of the right things but you’re not getting the results you want. Maybe you need to slow down and evaluate your positioning and pivot. Dr. Williams Glasser’s book, ‘Choice Theory’ will help you kick any victim mentality to the curb once and for all.

As business owners, we need to focus on the positive, evaluate the situation, and devise a viable solution. If you’re not getting the results you want, pause and look at your avatar, your messaging, and your offer. One of the three is out of alignment with your mission. Taking time to pinpoint the weak link in your path will help you realize better results down the road!

Are you ready to elevate your life and business?

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