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Your Avatar is the Heartbeat of Your Business

Over the past 14+ years, I have worked with coaches and service providers at various stages of their businesses. They have all come to me with the belief that they can serve a variety of people, and that may be true. But, none of them were thriving in their business because their messaging was all over the place.

Marketing has changed over the years, but the central principle has remained the same: target your message to a specific person. The more specific you can be, the more your organic marketing efforts will pay off for you.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying don’t work with different people who have a similar problem that needs to be solved. What I’m saying is that it’s important to attract them with different messaging. Many people stop their avatar research at simple demographics like:

  • Women

  • Age 38 – 45

  • C-level executives

  • Income rage $100 – $150K

  • MBA

This is a great start, but there is so much more that makes up who she is. To market effectively to your potential clients, you need to understand how they think and feel about your product or service. You need to understand what motivates them to seek out a solution to the problem you want to solve for them. Ask yourself, “Is the problem I want to solve the actual problem your avatar wants to be solved?”

I was recently working with a client to help her hone in on her ideal client avatar. Based on the things she shared, I was confused about who this person was. She didn’t have a very good handle on who she was trying to target so her messaging was not resonating with who she was trying to attract.

She was resistant to building out her avatar fully. It was a huge mindset shift for her to embrace a new way of looking at her avatar and trying to understand the underlying motivations of her potential clients’ needs and the results they were looking for. You see, up until now, her focus was on inclusions and the value she added to her programs. But, people don’t care about that when they make a purchasing decision. They are focused on getting the desired result.

When our assumptions are off, so is our messaging. It’s really that simple.

I met with a new coach this week who asked the question, “If you’re just starting out, aren’t you just guessing at who your ideal client is?” Well, initially it can be a bit of guesswork until you decide who it is you want to serve. Then it’s a matter of research to find where those people hang out and what problems they are facing.

She thought that would be a lot of work, and she wondered if it was better to just make posts and offers and see who shows up. Well, believe it or not, that is the approach many coaches take in their business. They send out a variety of messages to see what gains traction. That can be time-consuming and costly.

What if I told you there was a better way to discover your ideal client and connect with them?

After years of watching coaches struggle to grow a profitable business, I developed a new way of connecting with leads. It’s called Audientum | CONNECT. It is a new way of approaching lead generation that focuses on the psychometrics that makes your potential client tick.

Rather than leaving it up to chance or wasting time in FB groups or chatting it up in the DMS to discover if you’re talking to the right people, we approach lead generation from a scientific perspective. And, let me tell you, that changes everything!

Did you know that over 5,500 data points are collected on us each and every day? This data defines who we are, how we think, and what motivates us to take action. When we know and understand those data points about our potential clients, we can be more effective communicators and we can convert more leads into paying customers. At the end of the day, that’s what we all want, isn’t it?

Our method is an 8-step, 8-week process that dives deep into who your ideal audience is based on how you believe they think and feel. We partner with a data-mining company to search for and compile matches to that data and build a custom audience based on your specific criteria.

A crucial step in our process is surveying a portion of the group to see if your beliefs are true. You’d be amazed at how many beliefs aren’t hitting the bull’s eye. This valuable information allows our clients to refine their message and offers to be in alignment with how their audience actually thinks and feels about the problem they are trying to solve.

At the end of the process, they have gone from spending time trying to figure things out organically to knowing exactly who they are talking to and understanding what motivates their buying decisions. This empowers our clients to confidently convey the benefits their products and services offer.

Big businesses use this approach in their marketing campaigns because it works. They understand and leverage their data to run targeted campaigns for each of their products. It doesn’t matter what your product or service is, this approach to lead generation will work for you, too.

If you’re interested in scaling your business in 2022, the tactics you’re using might not get you there. It might be time to try a new approach so you can create a different outcome. If that sounds like you, schedule a call with one of our data curation team members and discover how building a data-driven curated audience could work for you.

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