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It all started when I said YES....

Over the past year, I had been feeling restless in my business. While I knew I was making a difference in my client's businesses, I felt like my soul was withering away...

At the end of December, I had an impromptu opportunity to be interviewed on a radio show. It was a short 8 minute segment targeted at small business owners. Business building is my jam so I was grateful and excited for the opportunity.

The radio host and I chatted for about five minutes before we started the recording. His question to me was..."What is going to be a HOT business trend in 2023?"

I had just finished a project with a client where we had produced a LIVE event for business owners and entrepreneurs. It was an incredible event that converted many leads into paying clients.

Many of you may not know that before I entered the world of online business, that I was a professional meeting and event planner. Over the course of 20+ years I designed, planned and executed more than 4,000 events. From small executive retreats for 10 - 12 to large arena events hosting more than 15,000 attendees and everything in between.

The radio host said that he hosted an annual event and could talk to that topic. We had a delightful conversation. After our conversation, I was energized in ways I hadn't been for at least twelve months.

I had energy and creativity welling up from inside me. Then, I was asked the question...

"Why aren't you providing this service?"

When I started my online business back in 2008, I had hoped to do more events, but it wasn't a service many of my clients felt they needed. Here and there I'd get the opportunity to help with the planning and execution of an event and it always provided so much joy to put that skillset to work!

After that interview, people started reaching out to me to help them devise strategies to monetize the events they were doing. They knew they were leaving money on the table, but they couldn't figure out where or how to find it.

The idea of providing strategy for monetizing live events excited me even more than helping to plan and execute because strategy is where the magic happens.

My 20 years of event planning/executing experience (4,000+ events) coupled with my nearly 20 years of small business ownership has uniquely positioned me to help serve the small business community in a new way though my Bankable Events brand.

With a deep understanding of what it takes to host a profitable event coupled with my track record of generating more than $100M of event revenue gives me a unique perspective to help service providers scale using LIVE events as a business building tactic.

If you're planning to host a live event in 2023, schedule a call to talk with one of our team to see if we can help you build your brand, leverage your expertise, and build a community of raving fans.

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