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Meet Courtney Beckles| Financial Services Consultant

Today we’re excited to introduce you to small-business owner, Courtney Beckles. Courtney is a Financial Services Consultant. I help small businesses and individuals get personal and/or business funding by leveraging their credit & also help them build wealth with life insurance.

What is the WHY behind your business? What motivated you to get started?

To help people become financially literate in order to properly navigate their lives. I have made many mistakes in my life because I was not financially literate. I maxed out my credit cards, I had a bad payment history, I paid a very high interest on my car loan, and I even went through a foreclosure. Getting educated on how credit works and how to use it to my benefit was a life changer for me! I want to do my part to make sure others can avoid the mistakes I made.

Did COVID impact your business? If yes, how did you pivot and overcome the challenges?

Yes, I utilized zoom and social media. I was able to do virtual appointments using, and my phone. My clients and prospects were receptive to the changes for the most part.

What lessons did you learn that made your business more resilient and sustainable?

There is always a solution to challenges. We should always be ready and willing to pivot. It also taught me that there were always other ways to do things; maybe we should also look for these opportunities before we are forced to.

Who do you serve and how do you help them? (what problem do you solve?)

Small business owners & individuals. I help solve their problems with education and financial products & services. Credit gives them spending power, and life insurance creates a “ legacy bank” for generations to come!

Why/How did you select this niche?

I chose something I had knowledge and experience in that there was a demand for it in the marketplace.

What types of programs do you offer?

  1. Do it yourself credit repair and business credit ebook

  2. Done for you credit repair services

  3. Done with you 4 week business credit course

  4. Done for you business funding

  5. Life Insurance policies

  6. Free consultation

What kind of results can people expect from working with you?

They can expect to get the education and tools necessary to start building the foundation for a financial turnaround. They will be in position to acquire up to $250K in funding, and the opportunity open a family legacy bank, through life insurance, if they qualify.

How can readers connect with you and learn more about or support you? (share website, email, social links)

1. IG -

2. FB -

3. FB business page:

4. LinkedIn:

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